BONMASCONSULTING is a strategic B-BBEE Constancy firm which offers superior services including:

  • B-BBEE Strategy Development
  • B-BBEE Advisory Services on the current codes
  • Preliminary assessment, gap analysis and due diligence (Preparing an initial scorecard to see how the company fares and which areas to improve on)
  • Enterprise Supplier Development
  • Getting Suitable B-BBEE Partners
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • B-BBEE IT systems
  • B-BBEE Training
  • Management Workshops
  • Supplier Training workshops on expectations
  • Ownership Solutions including Equity Equivalent Programmes, Trusts, Trustee Training, Broad Based Ownership schemes Tender Preparation on B-BBEE

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Kindly note that we offer the below workshops on B-BBEE and we recommend number 5 for you:
    Overview on the New B-BBEE Codes of good practice:
  • Duration: half Day
  • Costs: Free

  • Enterprise and Supplier development Workshop:
  • Duration: One day
  • Costs: R1500 per person (Minimum 10 People)

  • Skills Development Workshop
  • Duration: One Day
  • Costs: R1000 per person (Minimum 10 people)

  • Ownership Workshop
  • Duration: One Day
  • Costs: R24 000 excl VAT (5 to 15 people)

  • Evidence compilation, record keeping and reporting for each element:
  • Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Costs: R3500 Per person (Minimum 10 people)

  • Technical calculations of your B-BBEE Status, Preparation for verification and reporting your final score
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Costs: R19500 per person