In terms of the National Credit Amendment Act published on 26 February 2015, any person or business who offers credit Must with NCR as a credit provider. i.e. Loan Shark (Mashonisa), Tender Funding etc. .

BONMAS CONSULTING will assist you to register with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and become a Credit Provider.

Below are the required documents required to register as a credit provider

  • Completed and Signed Form
  • Company Documents (COR14.3/CK Document) - If applicable
  • Letter of Accountant with a Practice number (to be provided by BONMAS CONSULTING)
  • Proof of Payment of Registration Fees - R3500.00
  • Shareholder's Certificates - (If Company)
  • ID Copies (Directors/Members/Trustees)
  • Resolution to Register as a Credit Provider (If Juristic Person)
  • Criminal Police Clearance Certificate issued by SAPS (South African Police Services)
  • Proof of SARS registration
  • Bank Account Confirmation Letter - banking details

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