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Signing up for a BooksMate™ package suit your needs is very easy, you just need to follow the below steps to sign-up for your BooksMate package:

STEP 1: Chose a BooksMate™ package that suits you

Choosing a package that your needs depends on the nature and size of your business. You need to make sure that you choose a BooksMate package that covers all your Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax, Compliance and Business needs. As your business grows it is easy to change your BooksMate package with BONMAS CONSULTING

Should you need help in choosing your BooksMate package, you can easily contact BONMAS CONSULTING or one of our Sales Consultants.

STEP 2: Complete the BooksMate™ Activation form and send the required initial documents:

Once you have chosen the BooksMate package that suits you, then you should complete the Activation and send to us the initial documents. The initial documents can be delivered to us in one of the following ways:

  • Get one of our Sales Consultants to fetch the form and initial documents from your premises
  • Post/Courier
  • Email
  • Physical delivery at our offices.

STEP 3: Pay First Premium on your Account:

There is no Signup fee for BooksMate™ Packages, to activate your BooksMate account all you need to do is to pay your first premium on any of our payment options.

Special Offer: If you pay full 12 months premium in advance then you get 10% discount Our Payment Options are as follows:

1. EFT Payment into Account
2. Direct Deposit into our bank Account
3. Card Payment on our website (Debit card or Credit Card/VISA/Master)
4. Instant EFT on our website
5. Cash Payment at our Offices

STEP 4: Sign an Engagement Letter/Contract:

Sign an engagement letter and receive your membership (Number).

STEP 5: Receive your starter pack from BONMAS CONSULTING and enjoy your superior accounting services:

BONMAS CONSULTING will send you the starter pack to guide you on important information required from you every month so that we can be able to provide you with the accounting services in the BooksMate Package that you have chosen. This will include:

  • Templates on how you should keep record of your transactions
  • Guideline on important dates and deadlines
  • Important contact details of your Account Manager and Customer service
  • And etc.

Required Signup Documents

1. BooksMate Activation Form
2. Company Registration Documents “For registered Entities” (Company Incorporation certificate/CK Document/Trust Documents/etc.)
3. ID Documents of all the directors (Or atleast for 2 directors)
4. Old Tax Clearance Certificate
5. VAT 103/Proof Vat registration (if Vat registered)

Initial Source Documents Required:

1. Bank Statement (Preferably in CSV or electronic format)
2. Sales Report
3. Expense tracking Spreadsheet
4. Copies of Invoices issued or Cash register roll
5. Source documents received: Invoices from suppliers, receipts, till slips and statement of Account
6. Payroll report/record
7. Records of Assets (Fixed Assets register)
8. Loan or credit statements (records of liabilities)

NB: The client is responsible to ensure that all the required documents are send to us by the 7th of each month.

List of Benefits

We work throughout the year to offer you the capacity that allows you to operate your business in a manner that will give you the TAX advantages, legally reduce your tax bill and save you some time, money and hassle.

We assist you on various business problems and help you with good solutions. Our objective is to help you in making sound decisions for your business, we want you to make more money and succeed.

We notify you whether your business is liquid or not and what should be done in any case.

You focus on your businesses while we take care of the accounting functions thus increase the returns on your businesses

You receive the monthly management accounts which give you a picture of what is currently happening with your financials, monitor your business performance and make timely decisions to improve your businesses.

We help you to transparently run your business, make decisions that improve the performance of your business, have a clear picture of what is happening with your finances and reduce the risks of your business going down in the future.

Outsourcing our accounting services should be viewed as a way to reduce costs, expenses, a way to avoid future liabilities, and a way to increase your revenue and cash flow for your business not as an extra cost for your business.

We provide you with advise for the funding of your business and provide the advisory on financing decisions

We are the difference between your business failure in long term and its success.

We have a privacy policy that works for you, making sure that you confidential information is kept safe at all times and not disclosed.